Hello ’23s!

Hello, members of the class of 2023! We are all thrilled to welcome you to Dartmouth and are looking forward to seeing your bright and smiling faces when you arrive on campus in a few months! We also hope that you will consider making the band part of your Dartmouth experience over the next four years. Before we even tell you anything about ourselves, watch the video below. You will want to join. We promise.

Now, a bit about us: the Dartmouth College Marching Band is a non-audition ensemble- that means anyone can join! (Drummers and trumpeters are especially exalted). Like the other Ivy League Bands, we are not a traditional marching band but a scatter band (that means we are most often seen running around the football field, yelling at the top of our lungs)- however, we do march from time to time as well (watch this video for an idea of what we do) . We practice twice a week (practices only take up 3 hours total per week of your busy Dartmouth lives!) and we are the most viewed instrumental ensemble on campus, performing weekly in parades, at football games in the fall and hockey and basketball games in the winter, and during celebrations such as homecoming and winter carnival. But we are also a social group; we do many fun things together such as band dinners, cookouts, scavenger hunts, bowling nights, and even camping trips!

Enough about who we are, though. We want to meet you! The band is many people’s first group of friends on campus. We are here to help you adjust to Dartmouth life. Here are some quotes from your social and publicity chairs about why we think you should join the band:

“When I arrived on campus, I had no idea what groups I wanted to join, what I wanted to do, or what I wanted to study; the only thing I knew was that I wanted to join the Marching Band. So I sent an email to the band, and received an immediate response welcoming me to Dartmouth. Five days after I arrived on campus, I was already playing at a football game. The Marching Band was where I made my first friends at Dartmouth; and these friendships have lasted almost two years now. Some of my favorite memories from my life at Dartmouth have been with the band.” –Ben Ferguson ‘15

“Finding a niche on campus is perhaps the most important first step you take as a freshman. When I first arrived on campus, I was in search for my own niche. The DCMB welcomed me without a second thought, and before I knew it, I was marching alongside them at games. The DCMB is like a second, quirky family to me. Even when I visited New York, my home state, with the band, I felt an overwhelming sense of belonging that I had not felt before. Most of my fondest memories at Dartmouth involves the band. Come join the DCMB if you want a year full of singing, playing, food trains, fun bus rides, and of course: marching!” –Kimberly Hassel ‘16

Sound interesting? Send your questions to our publicity chairs, Ryan McCann ‘22 and Osezele Okoruwa ‘22. And be sure to stay tuned to this web page as we get closer to Fall 2019 for a schedule of fun social events where we can meet you! We hope to see you soon!

PS : Check us out on Facebook, Youtube or Instagram.

PPS : Here’s a song all about the DCMB. Little known fact: Owl City wrote this song for us. Also, here is a picture of a cat. Just kidding. That’s us begging you to join the DCMB.