The DCMB is directed by a group of elected students, with the help of our faculty advisor.

  • Faculty Advisor: Matthew Marsit

    Matthew Marsit The faculty advisor helps the directorate coordinate with the school and the athletics department, accompanies us to games, and assists the student directorate.

  • Coke Machine

    Coke Machine The Coke machine has guided the marching band since time immemorial. When conflicts arise, it has final, absolute, unquestionable say.

  • Governor of Hawaii: The Honorable Neil Abercrombie

    The Honorable Neil Abercrombie The role of the governor of Hawaii is not unlike that of the Coke machine.

  • Sketchy Rusty Thing

    Sketchy Rusty Thing The sketchy rusty thing holds the back door of the Hop open and allows the band to exit without error. Its origins remain unknown, but it continues to serve the band faithfully day in and out.

  • President: Maddie Abbott

    Maddie Abbott The President is responsible for coordinating the Directorate, and any other people or groups that want to work with the band.

    Maddie is secretly a rock legend. Ask her about Paul, John, and George.

  • General Manager: Leslie Fink

    Leslie Fink The general manager is in charge of scheduling games, away trips, banquets, and visiting bands.

    Leslie is a small but mighty member of the small but mighty clarinet section. Though born in the gentle realm of southern New Jersey, she departed to seek her fortunes in the wilds of northern New Hampshire. She stopped at Dartmouth along the way, where she joined the Woodsmen’s Team and learned to strike fear into the hearts of her enemies with her trusty axe. As general manager of the band, she plans to put these skills to work slaying all impediments to the band’s success, be they dragons, complicated travel schedules, or sinister plots from the athletics department.

  • Winter General Manager: Ben Ferguson

    Ben Ferguson The winter general manager is in charge of scheduling games, away trips, banquets, and visiting bands…in the winter.

    Ben is a ninja master of sociality. He is also very public (a necessary trait for a general manager). Aside from being social and public he enjoys playing the saxiest instrument there is and noisily greeting the rising sun from the tops of excessively tall objects. In addition, his life objective is to fearlessly lead the Class of 2015 through the darkness known as the DCMB in the coming years. He would very much like it if you, reader, would email him about joining THE BAND!!!!!

  • Conductor/Drum Major: Kate Huffer

    Kate Huffer The conductor/drum major runs band rehearsals, leads the band in parade and onto the field, and conducts the band on the field and in the stands.

    Kate’s specialty is drowning in various marching band apparel.

  • Secretary: Kimberly Hassel

    Kimberly Hassel The secretary manages the band blitz (email) account, receiving and forwarding emails. The secretary also takes care of the social list, the attendence list, and PE credit.

    Look down, now look up. What do you see? Nothing. Look down, now look all the way down. Who do you see? Why, it’s Kimberly! This spunky curly-haired gal hails from the City of Taxi Cabs (well, Queens, New York to be exact). When she isn’t blogging about fashion or traveling, Kimberly serves as a zealous member of the DCMB, specifically the (sexy) sax section! Kimberly enjoys speaking with others and spreading DCMB love, so feel free to blitz/stalk her if you’re interested in joining the DCMB!

  • Show Chairs: Anthony Chicaiza and Jenny Zhang

    Anthony Chicaiza Jenny Zhang Each week the show chairs head a band meeting (“ShowCo”) to write the script for the next week and then put all our ideas together into a funny show.

    Climbing mountains and swimming oceans, Jenny finally arrived at Dartmouth from the far away island known as Hong Kong. Yes, we are part of China. No, we do not eat dogs. Yes, we have Facebook and YouTube. She plays the cymbals with her other half Lucy and is known for giving massages so good you won’t remember who your momma is :) But most importantly: SHE LOVES THE BAND AND YOU SHOULD TOO!!

    Anthony thought he was doomed to a lifetime of mediocrity and jokes about New Jersey until he met an underworldly creature that promised him a reality-warping wish in exchange for his soul. Having already auctioned off his soul to the lowest bidder on eBay, Anthony offered to become a Pre-Med student because his social life was the next best thing he could offer. On the day of his high school graduation, the Board of Admissions pulled him out of the sea of navy polo ratchetness and, with the power of generous endowments, transformed his crusty baritone horn into a glorious sousaphone. With his new alter-ego, Chicaiza hopes to spread the Gospel of Sousa to other parts of the world via bloody revolutions, ruthless imperialism, and the ritualistic burning of reeds. Chicaiza also hopes to have enough time in his schedule to drink chamomile tea before class and practice drawing anatomy after his evening nap.

  • Librarians: Aki Berman, Joshua Perez (fall), and Anthony Chicaiza (winter)

    Aki Berman Anthony Chicaiza Joshua Perez The librarians are responsible for ensuring that everyone in the band has the music they need, and for organizing our substantial music collection.

    Aki is a ‘16 and very happy to be the Fall Term librarian. She is even happier to be the very first Spirit Chair, a position she made up because it lets her be in charge of her 4 favorite things: face-paint, sparkly hair ribbons, beads and glitter. She joined the marching band because the band has the best school spirit, and she is proud to continue that tradition. Hit her up if you ever need star-shaped stickers!

    Joshua Perez has always been banging things. Ever since he picked up his drum sticks in eights grade, life has been an explosion of sound and overtly obnoxious, but rhythmically accurate, tapping. Apart from doing his school’s concert band, jazz band, pit band, pep band, he has also been a member of his own rock group, formerly known as “Tiffany’s Birthday”, whilst playing at local charity events and the Boston Marathon. He also has worked as a bank teller for several years and has developed an affinity for cramped and dank work rooms.

  • Equipment Managers: Jenny Zhang and Lucy Luong (a.k.a. Juicy)

    Juicy The equipment managers deal with uniforms, raincoats, drum stands, instruments, and any other equipment the band needs.

    Lucy Luong and Jenny Zhang are ‘16s who were abducted and magically teleported to the DCMB. Coming from the warm west of Southern California and the exotic east of Hong Kong the two quickly formed an alliance in order to hide from the Band. In their desperation, they discovered the mysterious room 40. Inside they found a glowing box that rattled and jingled. They opened the box and………… CRASH!! Using the supersonic power of cymbal crashes, the Gods of Percussion created…JUICY! Now the girls march with the band and travel far and wide looking for more subjects to turn into marching bandies. Together they will follow the band until the day they die! CYMBAL FIVE! …Only one question remains, though: if one’s name is Lucy and the other’s name is Jenny… where did the “i” in Juicy come from?

  • Social/Publicity Chairs: Allyson Long and Autumn Brunelle

    Allyson Long Autumn Brunelle The social/publicity chairs run recruitment events for incoming freshman in the spring and fall, and run fun social events like a potluck and a scavenger hunt during the band season.

  • Historian: Stephen Sigward

    Stephen Sigward The historian keeps track of the band’s history through photos, videos, and possibly a publicly-accessible wiki.

    An avid fan of deadmau5, Stephen “Siggy” Sigward hails from Pelham, NY (yes, the place from that movie), plays the flute, and can rarely be seen without his headphones. His favorite bands include Blur, deadmau5, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Smashing Pumpkins, and, of course, deadmau5.

  • Webmaster: Jordan Kunzika

    Jordan Kunzika The webmaster is responsible for keeping this website, and the band’s other sites, up to date.

    Jordan Kunzika is a ‘16 who hails from Hartford, Connecticut. He is also a computer science modified with engineering major and a proud member of the DCMB’s trumpet section!

  • Green Key Representative: Morgan Matthews

    Morgan Matthews The Green Key Representative represents the band in Green Key Society.

    Before coming to Hanover to play the clarinet in the DCMB, Morgan was a bandie at a small high school in Penacook, NH. She enjoys running long distances, hiking big mountains, and most of all being with all of the beautiful current and future (yes, you!) members of the DCMB.

  • Jock Chair: Meghan Chamberlain

    Meghan Chamberlain The jock chair organizes the band to play intramural ice hockey in the winter, and any other sports the band wants to play.

    Meghan is a ’17 from Gaithersburg, Maryland and has no experience with a marching band before the DCMB. She was a little shy about joining the band at first, but now she is a happy member of the bones section.

  • Class Representatives:

    Class representatives are the voice of each class in the directorate and are responsible for the continued enthusiasm of members of their class in participating in band and band functions.

  • Ben Ferguson ‘15

    Ben Ferguson

  • Kathryn Waychoff ‘16

    Kathryn Waychoff

    Kathryn, aka Kat, aka Band Kat, aka Bat Kat, aka Katman, aka That Girl with All of the Hair, is probably not known at all for her many names. In order to become the Class of 2016 representative, Kat pledged to rap every speech and announcement she makes pertaining to this office, and she plans to uphold this promise. On a completely unrelated note, she suggests that the members of the DCMB buy earplugs, quickly. …Anyway, Kat plays the trumpet, which basically describes everything about her.

  • Joshua Perez ‘17

    Joshua Perez

  • Alumni Representatives:

    Alumni representatives keep their class’s band spirit alive even after graduation, by staying in touch with other bandies in their class and organizing reunions.

  • 2012 Alumni Representative Leah Nicolich-Henkin

    Leah Nicolich-Henkin

    Leah is known for her tendency to hit things, especially cymbals and drums.

  • 2013 Alumni Representative Tyler Spunaugle

    Tyler Spunaugle

    Though no longer the official DCMB President, Tyler will forever remain the Dear Leader of our hearts. And all those who disagree may come to regret their decision.

  • 2014 Alumni Representative Blaine Ponto

    Blaine Ponto

    Blaine is a dinosaur. Fear her wrath.