The DCMB is directed by a group of elected students, with the help of our faculty advisor.

  • Faculty Advisor: Matthew Marsit

    Matthew Marsit The faculty advisor helps the directorate coordinate with the school and the athletics department, accompanies us to games, and assists the student directorate.

  • Coke Machine

    Coke Machine The Coke machine has guided the marching band since time immemorial. When conflicts arise, it has final, absolute, unquestionable say.

  • Governor of Hawaii: The Honorable David Ige

    The Honorable David Ige The role of the governor of Hawaii is not unlike that of the Coke machine.

  • Sketchy Rusty Thing

    Sketchy Rusty Thing The sketchy rusty thing holds the back door of the Hop open and allows the band to exit without error. Its origins remain unknown, but it continues to serve the band faithfully day in and out.

  • President: Leslie Fink ‘16

    Leslie Fink The President is responsible for coordinating the Directorate, and any other people or groups that want to work with the band.

    Leslie is a small but mighty member of the small but mighty clarinet section. Though born in the gentle realm of southern New Jersey, she departed to seek her fortunes in the wilds of northern New Hampshire. She stopped at Dartmouth along the way, where she joined the Woodsmen’s Team and learned to strike fear into the hearts of her enemies with her trusty axe. As general manager of the band, she plans to put these skills to work slaying all impediments to the band’s success, be they dragons, complicated travel schedules, or sinister plots from the athletics department.

  • General Manager: Allyson Long ‘17

    Allyson Long The general manager is in charge of scheduling games, away trips, banquets, and visiting bands.

    A member of the great class of 2017, Allyson Long hails from Bucks County Pennsylvania, and plays the alto saxophone. Allyson loves the band and is very excited to take on the position of general manager. In her free time she likes going on adventures, drinking tea, and hanging out with friends. She also loves meeting new people, especially ones who want to join the band, so feel free to blitz her any time!

  • Conductor/Drum Major: Kathryn Waychoff ‘16

    Kathryn Waychoff Kat is a ‘16 from Bethesda, MD and can be easily spotted by her mane of red hair. When she’s not frantically waving her arms in front of a band, she can be found playing the trumpet, hiking a mountain, or crying in Thayer. “BandKat” likes space, dogs, jazz, Star Wars, snow days, that feeling you get when you find a lost object, and doing the macarena to the wrong songs. She is also the class of ‘16 representative.

  • Assistant Drum Majors: Evan Griffith ‘18 and Madeline Miller ‘18

    Evan Griffith Evan Griffith comes from Rome, Italy New York, and is a member of the largest (and therefore best) class in the Marching Band, the Class of 2018. Evan is also a member of the largest (and therefore best) section in the band, the saxophone section, where he plays tenor sax. When he’s not at rehearsal for Marching Band or Wind Ensemble, Evan can be found listening to Kygo, trying to figure out what exactly happened at the end of Metal Gear Solid 2, or going kayaking and cross-country skiing with his friends. Evan enjoys being a part of the band and is looking forward to leading it in the future!

    Contrary to popular belief, he has never played hockey before coming to Dartmouth.

    Madeline Miller

  • Secretary: Lucy Luong ‘16

    Lucy Luong The secretary manages the band blitz (email) account, receiving and forwarding emails. The secretary also takes care of the social list, the attendence list, and PE credit.

    Lucy Luong is quiet ’16 from San Diego, CA who came out of her shell when she joined the band. She plays the cymbal with her other half Jenny and has a unhealthy obsession with adorable, fluffy animals. When she’s not on the internet wasting her time on Buzzfeed, she’s doing more important things like being with the band!

  • Show Chairs: Ben Bonner ‘18 and Evan Griffith ‘18

    Each week the show chairs head a band meeting (“ShowCo”) to write the script for the next week and then put all our ideas together into a funny show.

    Ben Bonner Ben Bonner is from Enfield, New Hampshire. He is an aspiring starving author, and already has quite a few half finished pipe dream novels and short stories! He is a freshman, which means he is majoring in “What the heck do I want to do with my life?!?”. In his free time he can be found not existing, because free time is a myth (and, all time is The Queen’s time). He is, however, very excited to be working with Evan as Co-Show-Chair (say THAT five times fast!). He is also fond of occasionally talking in the third person.

    Evan Griffith Before anyone ever cared where I would go to college, I was a kid from Upstate New York. It’s where I walked. It’s where I ran. It’s where I cried. It’s where I bled. It holds a special place in my heart. People there have seen me grow up. I sometimes feel like I’m their son. Their passion can be overwhelming. But it drives me. I want to give them hope when I can. I want to inspire them when I can. I joined the DCMB because of Maddie and Kate at the information expo. We made sacrifices to keep our shows an appropriate length. I loved being the first Tenor Sax player in who knows how many years. I believed we could do something magical if we came together. And that’s exactly what we did! Nothing will ever change what we accomplished. We are brothers for life. I also want to thank Matt Marsit for giving me an amazing fall term with the band. I’m not having a press conference or a party to celebrate my election. After this, it’s time to get to work. In the Upper Valley, nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have.

    I’m ready to accept the challenge. I’m going to write your shows.

    (with apologies to LeBron James)

  • Librarians: Christian Rizzuto ‘18 (15W) and Emma Rieb ‘18 (15F)

    Christian Rizzuto Emma Rieb The librarians are responsible for ensuring that everyone in the band has the music they need, and for organizing our substantial music collection.

    Christian is an ’18 from Scotia, NY. You can probably recognize him by his incessant drumming on any object that happens to be near him. He does this because as a child, he broke the most sacred of all percussion rules: never drop the cymbals. As a result, he is now cursed to forever tap out a sick beat wherever he goes. Eating lunch? Gotta tap those feet. Taking a test? Pencil drumsticks! Since band is the only place where it is socially acceptable for him to make a racket, Christian has become quite attached, and is looking forward to his next four years.

    Emma is an ’18 who hails from the snowy land of Colorado, although it is often said that her true home is under a large rock (try asking her about movies, TV shows, celebrities, etc. All you will get is a blank smile). Beyond her total ignorance of popular culture, she is also known for her complete obsession with cats. At Dartmouth, she enjoys going on hikes with the DOC, studying in the greenhouse and, of course, playing clarinet in the marching band and wind ensemble.

  • Social Chairs: Dennis Reilly ‘18 and Anthony Chicaiza ‘17

    Dennis Reilly Anthony Chicaiza The social/publicity chairs run recruitment events for incoming freshman in the spring and fall, and run fun social events like a potluck and a scavenger hunt during the band season.

    A lover of Targaryens, Lost, hobbits, Disney movies, The Killers, his Yoda backpack, and cringe-worthy “dad jokes,” Dennis Reilly brings a unique brand of studliness to the DCMB Social Chair position. Some of Dennis’ guilty pleasures include watching The Bachelor, taking walks on the beach down the Jersey shore, excessively reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy over and over again, and poorly singing Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” in the shower, where only his floormates can judge him.

    Proving once again that this isn’t even his final form, Chicaiza has emerged from his cocoon deep within Hanover’s snowy landscape to wreak havoc upon the innocent inhabitants of Tower Room, Berry Baker. A social animal by nature, it is best to approach him by first offering a snack and then luring him into a new group of friends. Don’t worry, he can camouflage. It is rumored that at night, when the moon is but a silver crescent, he mournfully blows longing whole notes into his sousaphone, waiting for his people to take him back home. His Pokédex cry is “¡Mierda!”

  • Historians: Stephen Sigward ‘16 and Jenny Zhang ‘16

    Stephen Sigward Jenny Zhang Unbeknownst to most people, Siggy has a real name—Stephen [middle name redacted] Sigward. He was born at a very young age on [information redacted] in the city of [information redacted]. He has played flute since the age of [information redacted]. As historian for the Dartmouth College Marching Band, he is responsible for many important tasks such as [information redacted] for the purpose of [information redacted]. He is very enthusiastic about his involvement in the band. If you are interested in joining, ask him anything!—he is very informative.

    Climbing mountains and swimming oceans, Jenny finally arrived at Dartmouth from the far away island known as Hong Kong. Yes, we are part of China. No, we do not eat dogs. Yes, we have Facebook and YouTube. She plays the cymbals with her other half Lucy and is known for giving massages so good you won’t remember who your momma is :) But most importantly: SHE LOVES THE BAND AND YOU SHOULD TOO!!

  • Webmasters: Jordan Kunzika ‘16 and James Edwards ‘18

    Jordan Kunzika Jordan Kunzika The webmaster is responsible for keeping this website, and the band’s other sites, up to date.

    Jordan Kunzika is a ‘16 who hails from Hartford, Connecticut. He is also a computer science major and digital arts minor, as well as a proud leader of the DCMB’s trumpet section!

    James is an ’18 from sunny Santa Monica, California. When he isn’t trying to figure out when a first down has happened in the football games for the trumpets’ charge, James can be found trying to use up all of his 20 meal swipes in a week and struggling to comprehend Hanover’s weather.

  • Green Key Representative: Anthony Chicaiza ‘17

    Anthony Chicaiza The Green Key Representative represents the band in Green Key Society.

    Chicaiza in his current state was awakened after The Great Sousa Summoning of 2014. He and 4 sousaphone players made a pentagram to summon the ‘13 hero that Dartmouth truly needed. Unfortunately, the others took the good elements, so Chicaiza is now THE HEART SOUSAPHONE. Using his powers, Chicaiza hopes to actually use the power to its potential by brainwashing students and converting them into Bandies. If you would like to surrender now, feel free to talk to him! I hear he’s a sweetheart.

  • Jock Chair: Madeline Miller ‘18

    Madeline Miller The jock chair organizes the band to play intramural ice hockey in the winter, and any other sports the band wants to play. Madeline Miller, member of the charismatic DCMB flute section, is an ‘18 from Anchorage, Alaska. She enjoys getting lost in the wilderness and plans to study the art of lion taming.

  • Spirit Chair: Aki Berman ‘16

    Aki Berman The spirit chair makes sure that the band is FIRED UP to cheer their way to victory in every game (because the band ALWAYS wins)!

    Aki is a ‘16 and very happy to be the first Spirit Chair, a position she made up because it lets her be in charge of her 4 favorite things: face-paint, sparkly hair ribbons, beads and glitter. She joined the marching band because the band has the best school spirit, and she is proud to continue that tradition. Hit her up if you ever need star-shaped stickers!

  • Class Representatives:

    Class representatives are the voice of each class in the directorate and are responsible for the continued enthusiasm of members of their class in participating in band and band functions.

  • Scheridan Vorwaller ‘18

    Scheridan Vorwaller Scheridan hails from the arid deserts of California, and came to the frozen tundra of Hanover, in order to serve the one and only DCMB. She enjoys long walks on the beach, deep sea fishing (she prides herself on knowing how to tie her own hook), being tall enough to pass the height test on roller coasters, and hanging out with bandies!! Her goals for this year include: trying not to fall on ice, but if she must, no more than 20 times; find out the back story to coke machine; attend an actually Hockey Game, and to hang out with some awesome bandies! She can’t get over the fact that she’s in the Trumpet section and absolutely loves Chiciza’s scarf. She also thinks that James’ ‘Mambo Number 5’ from last season needs to be burned.

  • Joshua Perez ‘17

    Joshua Perez

  • Kathryn Waychoff ‘16

    Kathryn Waychoff

  • Ben Ferguson ‘15

    Ben Ferguson

  • Alumni Representatives:

    Alumni representatives keep their class’s band spirit alive even after graduation, by staying in touch with other bandies in their class and organizing reunions.

  • 2012 Alumni Representative Leah Nicolich-Henkin

    Leah Nicolich-Henkin

    Leah is known for her tendency to hit things, especially cymbals and drums.

  • 2013 Alumni Representative Tyler Spunaugle

    Tyler Spunaugle

    Though no longer the official DCMB President, Tyler will forever remain the Dear Leader of our hearts. And all those who disagree may come to regret their decision.

  • 2014 Alumni Representative Blaine Ponto

    Blaine Ponto

    Blaine is a dinosaur. Fear her wrath.